“I really enjoyed myself! Friendly hosts and really nice guys! Will come again soon”

Chistine Lam, London,24

"I had a great night - it was my first experience in speed dating, and it’s brilliant way to spend an evening with like-minded single people with no pressure, just chatting."
Ming, London, 26

“I went with an open mind and really enjoyed myself”
Lai, 32

"Speed dating is a great opportunity to meet a wide variety of people with different backgrounds, I had the most incredible time."
John, 32

“It was a great evening; Chinese speed dates was efficiently run and with a diverse group of people to talk to”

Julie Wong, 24

“Even if you went by yourself, you are guaranteed to feel welcome at the speed dating event. I had a great time and met lots of people”
Rita, 28

"Pleasantly surprised, I was anxious and nervous about speed dating at first, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming, I had one of the best nights out!"
Gar, 33

“If you're thinking it about it, don't hesitate - a really enjoyable evening!”
Angela, London, 26

“I love the idea of Chinese speed dating, where else do you get to date 25 girls all on one night?

Dave Chan, 28

“This is a totally hassle-free way to meet lots of nice women. I’ve had a few matches!”
Sam, 27

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